Compliance Consultancy.

Integrating compliance solutions
within the business infrastructure
ensures an organisation can
demonstrate regulatory
compliance, control costs, and
manage risk effectively.

Plan for Compliance.

Our compliance consultants support building owners and managers meet statutory building requirements. We provide strategic support to ensure that buildings under our client's control are able to fully demonstrate legal compliance.


The first step to change is to build a compelling case for change, this is done by an accurate diagnosis of specific issues faced within the organisational context. We provide a whole system view that addresses all organisational aspects including people, processes, resources, management systems, formal structures and external driving factors.

Our compliance service is fully tailored to suit our client's needs and may include some or all of the following elements:

  • Compliance health checks

  • Gap analysis

  • Annual compliance audits

  • Production of policy documents

  • Creating management procedures

  • Providing system processes

  • On call expert advice

  • Procurement of service contracts

  • Prepare contract specifications

  • Measure contractor performance

  • Compliance monitoring

We are able to strategically align clients departmental teams to ensure they are working towards common, easily understood goals.

We do this by embracing an inclusive approach, ensuring all stakeholders get involved to produce solutions based on a joint consensus. This empowers staff and stakeholders to show commitment and to make a change that is both effective and sustainable.

Our consultants are available to visit sites and client offices wherever they are located

We can have consultants seconded to client offices and project sites for the duration of the project.  Our reputation is founded upon consistency and reliability in this sector.